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When the Mayor of Lille (France) called Daan Roosegaarde asking to help increase tourists’ interest in visiting the 17th-century Sainte Marie Madeleine Church in Lille, Daan knew that he had to create something very special. Lotus Dome created foil installation that responds to human heat.



Daan Roosegaarde gives a voice to windmills in a poetic way. This challenges the windmill concept from being just the stereotypic basic functional sustainable tool.

Daan Roosegaarde, a prize-winner during the London Design Week at V&A Museum, is a Dutch artist/inventor who transforms landscapes with motion, light, creating a poetry-like technological experience. His works are a mixture of science, art, motion, biomimicry and new technology.




I love this piece by Bruno Aveillan because it takes me to a beyond-physical level. By reading around the feedback received about this short film, it totally resonates with peoples (mine included) personal associations where time feels suspended.


It’s in Our Nature



Waterlicht is a powerful poetic way to tell a story (through motion and light) of the fact that Holland is situated under the sea level. If the Dutch people didn’t build all the sea level adjustments, this is how much of the water would cover the city.


Smog Free Ring

I recently attended a seminar run by Daan Roosegaarde at Victoria and Albert museum. One project that I really admire is Smog Free Project. More information on

Some photos from the seminar


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