Three Safety Reasons to Adopt LED Street Lights


LED street lights play an important role in preventing crime, detecting violence, reducing accidents and promoting safety for cyclists and runners, among others. Below are three good reasons to adopt LED lights.


Reducing crime

Proper illumination of all dark spots must take effect, with efficient utilization of sustainable power. Dark spots can be caused for many reasons, for example a lack of street lights in a particular area, malfunctioning or non-functioning existing light bulbs, problems in power supply, among others. In many parts of the world the only feasible solution can be looking at the sun for energy. A number of campaigns have been developed that propose solar LED street lighting installations in order to reduce crime against women in cities that have a high number of dark spots.

White LED lights play an important role for decreasing crime rate in cities. Under white, as opposed to yellowish light, people are easier to recognise, vandalism is easier to detect and crime is easier to spot and report. White light also enhances the quality of images from video surveillance systems and thus supports investigations by the authorities.


Reduction in the number of accidents

The safety of playing children, pedestrians, runners, motorists and cyclists is paramount. Balanced quality street lighting has no excessively light and dark dark zones. Horizontal strengths between 2 to 15 lux make roads unevenness, obstacles and holes more visible at longer distances.

Similar to their role at reducing crime rates, white light, as opposed to yellowish, contributes to the fact that objects, people and buildings are more easily recognisable. Investigations have shown that white light helps car drivers to detect people earlier and from a greater distance away. Moreover, LEDs are used to communicate traffic and road condition information to car drivers, allowing better and faster routing decisions.

When it comes to cycling, biking or running at night, not many products provide as much value for money as a set of LEDs. They can get you noticed on the roads and pathways after dark.

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Reducing fire risk

LEDs have low power consumption, which makes them significantly safer than CFL, halogen or incandescent bulbs. The hottest parts of LED bulbs are about half as hot as halogen or incandescent bulbs of equivalent brightness. LEDs are also around 20-25% cooler than CLF bulbs. LEDs produce heat, but it’s held internally. LED bulbs have a heat sink at the bulb’s base where all heat accumulates, which is the reason why the bulbs stay cool and have long lifespans. Furthermore, LEDs do not generate heat as infrared radiation like incandescent bulbs.


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