Solar Energy Ideas for Everyone


Apart from solar lamps and flashlights there are many ways to cut electricity bills by considering using free or cheap solar energy ideas and projects. Devices and solar projects working on Solar Photovoltaic Cells (PV) are probably the most expensive due to the novelty of this technology. Below are some solar energy ideas that can work for everyone.


Heating water using solar energy

One of the most basic solar energy projects that you can imagine is to heat water in a glass jar on the sun, instead of using a kettle. Don’t forget to put a lid on a jar to prevent insects from sharing your drink with you. You can even put tea bags into the jar while it heats.


Portable Showers

Not everyone will need portable showers. But if you have a swimming pool, you can use a big plastic bag filled with sun heated water in lieu of a shower. All you do is hang the bag from a tree branch, open a small plastic valve, and rinse yourself from the chlorine after swimming.


Hot Water for Soothing Joints

The idea is similar to the portable showers, however instead of hanging the bag from the tree, you can use it to sooth sore muscles or joints, during camping trips for example. A plastic bottle with hot water will work as well.


Solar fountains

This is one of the fun cheap solar projects for your garden. The idea is that the water flows when it is sunny and stops flowing when it’s cloudy and at night-time. The only equipment that you are required to buy is a solar pump (which is a pump connected to a solar panel). All other elements of a solar fountain can be made from natural elements such as rock.

Charging batteries

You can get solar chargers for vehicle batteries, notebook computer batteries, and small appliances. As long as the batteries are rechargeable, as some, especially small batteries, are not.


Using wisely the orientation of sunlight

South orientation usually gets the most consistent direct sunlight throughout the day. This is especially useful for architects and designers for making decisions on a solar house and building design. If you find there is too much sun light coming to your southern-facing windows, a sun screen is a good solution.

On the other hand, it is best to take advantage of the light coming from the south. Solar energy storage can offset heating and cooling bills enormously. Solar energy admitted into south-facing windows can be collected and stored in walls and floors of masonry, stone, concrete, water, and some other materials.


Solar energy hat fans

Small solar-powered fans are slipped on the hat’s visor and not only provide cooling effect, but also look fun and could be a small perfect gift.

Good luck with your free and cheap solar energy projects experimentations and feel free to share your experiments or new ideas!

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