Security Lights that Protect your Property


Security lights are extremely important for protecting your outdoor space from intruders. Simply having the light on may definitely deter intruders, and many people use outdoor flood lighting to enhance security. But there is no need to compromise on your energy conservation habits. A very, if not more, sensible approach is to consider a motion detector that turns the light on temporarily when a movement is detected. Fake security cameras and mimicking real-time activity in the house are definitely worth considering too.


Motion sensor security lights

Motion sensor security lights are definitely worth considering. They switch on whenever there is movement in close proximity to your house. Motion sensors have a great chance to scare off intruders since their sudden illumination is more likely to make intruder flee away. Below are some great examples that gained a lot of positive feedback from those who bought them.

  • Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light cost only around $40 and are quite bright. There is a very handy extention cord that allows the mounting of the solar panel and the light away from one another. The disadvantage, though, is the fact that the lights can only point straight ahead, and cannot be turned in any other direction.

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  • One of the latest type of motion sensor light is Passive Infrared (PIR). Any humans, animals and thrown objects will be picked up by this sensor and the light will switch on.


  • Motion sensor flood lights can be a great security lights option if you want to illuminate a larger area or an outdoor field.



Fake Security Cameras

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Lights mimicking real-time activity in the house

Some more advanced examples, such as ComfyLight LED lamps memorize the times when light in the house is switched on/off and recreate people’s lighting habits. This is a greate way to simulate your presence in the house while you are away. The lights also turn on and off in response to motion.

Security lights that add to outdoor decor

If you want your security light to add to your outdoor décor and the ambience of your outdoor space, a lantern could be a good choice.


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