LED Lighting for London Facades


Facade LED lighting accentuate architectural geometry, create a selective and unique view of a building, and are now an integral part of architectural projects around the world. This post lists some important historical London buildings that have been re-lighted using contemporary LED lighting solutions to provide both energy efficient and human-centric lighting.

As John Ruskin, the author of The Seven Lamps of Architecture (Dover Architecture), once said, a good building must have two functions — shelter us, and talk to us. Architectural façade lighting creates building’s physical presence and voice at night. Facade LED lighting schemes are capable to distribute light in a flexible, discrete, diffuse and soft way. Depth and hierarchy are created by accenting the details of visual interest without having to use very bright, disturbing and energy consuming systems.


King’s Crossled facade lighting (1)

A highly sustainable, all LED lighting scheme was implemented for the historic Cubitt façade of King’s Cross. Discrete lighting details were built into the structural elements, creating definition of architectural forms at night. Wall grazing reveal the brickwork. Further up the façade, wall washing subtly fades out as the light travels up.


led facade lighting (3)

Selfridges store in Central London installed a new dynamic LED facade lighting system for the Project Ocean campaign on the issues of overfishing. The new lights combine wall washing, razing, floodlighting and spot lighting to produce an ocean-like design for ripple, fading and static display effects. The changes of the colour happen at the push of a button. The mounting of the new lighting fixtures happened without damaging the landmark building. As part of Estée Lauder’s 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Selfridges was among many iconic buildings worldwide illuminated bright pink.


Hammersmith Apollo

In 2013, the luminaires on the Apollo’s Art Deco front façade were refurbished with sustainable high-performance LED lighting. The installation of LED fixtures happened without violating English Heritage’s preservation requirements. Powercore technology was used to significantly simplify the installation process.


Science Museum

led facade lighting (8)

Architainment Lighting Ltd supplied the new wall washing lighting design for the Science Museum façade in South Kensington. The fixtures are positioned amid each of the stone columns. The accurate 10 x 60 degree wash of light extents to the full height of the columns whilst the wall grazing is used to highlight unique ironwork of the window surrounds and decorative cornices along the roof line. At the lower level, EcoSense Floodlight Wash lightly graze the stone façade.


Knightsbridge Estate

led facade lighting (9)

The new dynamic white accent LED lighting highlights the Estate’s striking nineteenth-century features and create areas of depth. Most of the lighting fixtures were custom made. Each ColorReach Powercore unit consumes just 290 watts at full intensity, compared with 600 watts for the conventional fixtures.



County Hall


Highly controlled LED floodlights from Philips Color Kinetics were chosen to illuminate the County Hall’s impressive historical Edwardian Baroque-style façade. County Hall was opened in 1922 by King George V. It used to be the headquarters for local government in London. Today County Hall houses tourist attractions, business and even hotels. The new lighting produces dynamic light shows and color-changing lighting effects at the push of a button. Each ColorReach Powercore unit consumes just 290 watts at full intensity, compared with 600 watts for the conventional fixtures that they replaced, thus reducing energy usage by about half.

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