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What is Virtual Reality in Literature?

Virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. This study is concerned with the re-definition of importance of such phenomenon as virtual reality in contemporary world. A particular attention Read More

Visuality and Transformation

The visuality defines the visual relationships between observer and space. ( View Source Project ) After reading paper MINES, QUARRIES AND LANDSCAPE. VISUALITY AND TRANSFORMATION, I identified a couple of interesting and relevant ideas. “Visuality”, alternative Read More

solar house

Building a Solar House

The sun is a huge nuclear reactor that’s converting its own mass into photons. Trillions of photons fill Earth’s atmosphere every second. As you consider building a solar house, below are short guidelines that will help you during your Read More

led lighting

LED Lighting for London Facades

Facade LED lighting accentuate architectural geometry, create a selective and unique view of a building, and are now an integral part of architectural projects around the world. This post lists some important historical London buildings that Read More

led light

LED Light Safety Precautions

To make LED light safe for your environment, there are certain precautions that need to be taken, regardless of the type of bulb you install in your outdoor space.   Take safety measures To keep Read More