White LEDs Explained

White LEDs have caused a bit of controversy as to how accurate is the white temperature that they produce, and their impact on the human body.   White LEDs colour inconsistencies While more traditional light bulbs produce light in only one color, LEDs can generate different or several colours. This may cause an issue when Read More

Factors Affecting Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design choices alter building’s appearance. On the other hand, architectural style greatly influences the style of lighting. Among others, the factors listed below tend to influence lighting design choices.   Architectural style – Deconstructivism “It is the ability to disturb our thinking about form that makes these projects deconstructive” (Johnson,1988). Deconstructivist Architecture by Philip Johnson (1988-09-05) “Form Read More

Security Lights that Protect your Property

Security lights are extremely important for protecting your outdoor space from intruders. Simply having the light on may definitely deter intruders, and many people use outdoor flood lighting to enhance security. But there is no need to compromise on your energy conservation habits. A very, if not more, sensible approach is to consider a motion detector that Read More

Building a Solar House

The sun is a huge nuclear reactor that’s converting its own mass into photons. Trillions of photons fill Earth’s atmosphere every second. As you consider building a solar house, below are short guidelines that will help you during your planning stage.   Look for support support and ask questions The first thing you need to answer is whether the local building Read More

Three Safety Reasons to Adopt LED Street Lights

LED street lights play an important role in preventing crime, detecting violence, reducing accidents and promoting safety for cyclists and runners, among others. Below are three good reasons to adopt LED lights.   Reducing crime Proper illumination of all dark spots must take effect, with efficient utilization of sustainable power. Dark spots can be caused for Read More

Are LED Lights Safe?

A huge amount of benefits that LED lighting offers will guarantee that LEDs will outperform traditional forms of lighting in almost every area of our lives. LEDs are cost-effective, durable, require zero maintenance requirements, are used to detect motion, heating, information about parking, traffic, crowd, noise, temperature, air quality… But in this article we will Read More

LED Lighting for London Facades

Facade LED lighting accentuate architectural geometry, create a selective and unique view of a building, and are now an integral part of architectural projects around the world. This post lists some important historical London buildings that have been re-lighted using contemporary LED lighting solutions to provide both energy efficient and human-centric lighting.   As John Ruskin, the Read More

LED Lights Improve Cities

LED lights improve cities because they are in general highly energy efficient. LEDs are integrated lights that use light emitting diodes (LED) as its main light source. An electric current passes through the semiconductor material, causing the tiny light sources to illuminate. The heat produced is then absorbed into a heat sink. Common colors for Read More