Less is often more when it comes to lighting design. Not only obscure elegant lighting looks good, but it is also safe for the environment. Below are some good techniques used to avoid light pollution.


  • Opt for lights that have motion detectors if you are concerned about security. To avoid causing light pollution, point them down in the direction of walkways rather than out or up. The idea is to startle unwelcome visitors, not blind your neighbors. Learn more about installing Security Lights that will Protect Your Property.


  • Select a few prominent features in your yard to highlight and avoid overkill—you don’t need to light every plant in your landscaping or garden area. Often, less is more. When installing outdoor LED lighting, pay particular attention to the beautiful and unique features.


  • Fixtures should be arranged so that the bulbs are not visible. This will keep your lighting level just right and help avoid light pollution.


  • Using floodlights unnecessarily and exposing the light source itself are common mistakes that end up taking away from the aesthetics of your outdoor space and causing light pollution. If you have to use a floodlight, find one with an asymmetric beam distribution—this will push the light down and forward. Try to remember that the light, and its effect on objects, is the main feature.


  • Outdoor lights should not obstruct one’s vision or interfere with one being able to see the entire landscape of a yard or area clearly. On a similar note, the lights should not shine directly into the road or a neighboring yard. To avoid such issues, look for lights with anti glare shields to reduce upward light spill, and avoid floodlights with a symmetric beam distribution which throws light in all directions including up into the sky. Proper outdoor lighting calls attention to various parts of your home’s exterior, not the entire surface area. Over illumination is never attractive indoor or outdoor. Learn more about that can be avoided when installing outdoor LED lighting.


  • The use of low level bollards and ground mounted lights can be just as effective to lighting a large outdoor space but will produce much less light pollution.