What is Virtual Reality in Literature?

Virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. This study is concerned with the re-definition of importance of such phenomenon as virtual reality in contemporary world. A particular attention Read More

Geo Data Abstraction

Tools for Visualizing Geo Data Geo Layers 2 FreeForm Pro Cinema 4D relief modelling, or using plugin DEM Earth EarthExplorer – useful tool for me to obtain Landsat and DEM data. The data is downloaded in Read More

Connecting Poetry and Mining Landscapes

Landscapes are any part of the territory, whose nature is a reflectance of relationship between natural and human forces. In poetry, landscapes become these inward “inscapes”, the term used by a poet Gerard Manley Read More

Visuality and Transformation

The visuality defines the visual relationships between observer and space. ( View Source Project ) After reading paper MINES, QUARRIES AND LANDSCAPE. VISUALITY AND TRANSFORMATION, I identified a couple of interesting and relevant ideas. “Visuality”, alternative Read More

white leds

White LEDs Explained

White LEDs have caused a bit of controversy as to how accurate is the white temperature that they produce, and their impact on the human body.   White LEDs colour inconsistencies While more traditional Read More

architectural lighting

Factors Affecting Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design choices alter building’s appearance. On the other hand, architectural style greatly influences the style of lighting. Among others, the factors listed below tend to influence lighting design choices.   Architectural style – Deconstructivism Read More

security lights

Security Lights that Protect your Property

Security lights are extremely important for protecting your outdoor space from intruders. Simply having the light on may definitely deter intruders, and many people use outdoor flood lighting to enhance security. But there is no Read More

Why LEDs are a Big Part of our Future?

LEDs or Light Emitting Diode bulbs have been around for quite some time but, it is only now that they are being developed into workable solutions. One of the biggest hurdles in the past Read More

solar house

Building a Solar House

The sun is a huge nuclear reactor that’s converting its own mass into photons. Trillions of photons fill Earth’s atmosphere every second. As you consider building a solar house, below are short guidelines that will help you during your Read More

Visual Stories

Techno-Church When the Mayor of Lille (France) called Daan Roosegaarde asking to help increase tourists’ interest in visiting the 17th-century Sainte Marie Madeleine Church in Lille, Daan knew that he had to create something very Read More

Three Safety Reasons to Adopt LED Street Lights

LED street lights play an important role in preventing crime, detecting violence, reducing accidents and promoting safety for cyclists and runners, among others. Below are three good reasons to adopt LED lights.   Reducing crime Read More

solar energy

Solar Energy Ideas for Everyone

Apart from solar lamps and flashlights there are many ways to cut electricity bills by considering using free or cheap solar energy ideas and projects. Devices and solar projects working on Solar Photovoltaic Cells Read More

led lights safe

Are LED Lights Safe?

A huge amount of benefits that LED lighting offers will guarantee that LEDs will outperform traditional forms of lighting in almost every area of our lives. LEDs are cost-effective, durable, require zero maintenance requirements, Read More

solar photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic PV Cells Explained

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology refers to harvesting direct sun light and converting it into electricity using solar cells. They are considered to be a very clean energy, safe and robust technology – PV don’t Read More

history of leds

Short History of LEDs

The history of lighting shows that LEDs, or Light Emitting Diode bulbs, have been around for quite some time, but it is only now that the revolution is happening. LEDs have become very affordable Read More

led lighting

LED Lighting for London Facades

Facade LED lighting accentuate architectural geometry, create a selective and unique view of a building, and are now an integral part of architectural projects around the world. This post lists some important historical London buildings that Read More

led light

LED Light Safety Precautions

To make LED light safe for your environment, there are certain precautions that need to be taken, regardless of the type of bulb you install in your outdoor space.   Take safety measures To keep Read More